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Dayang MTM China Strategy


Vendors System


Dayang Group has formed strategic partnerships with several well-known fabric and trimming suppliers. To provide services to our retailers, we choose suitable suppliers and evaluate their services offered to choose the best suppliers. Dayang then establishes long-term strategic partnerships with them to achieve a win-win situation and increase value for our retailers.

The company is committed to establishing "long-term, stable, win-win" strategic partnerships with our vendors in order to strengthen confidential relationships and deepen the strategic partnership between the two sides. We conduct regular strategic cooperation meetings and regular visits with senior management of both sides.

Dayang Group has developed an inter-enterprise purchasing system to improve production workshop efficiency. The system is Internet-based, allowing supplier management and certification to be achieved in the system. It integrates with Dayang’s back-end systems, and provides supplier-related quality control, lead time and other information from our ERP system. In this way, we will strengthen our vendors’ evaluation and management, and effectively control the quality of the raw materials used. It will also help to achieve the integration of accounts payable directly in Dayang’s ERP system. This will accelerate the flow of money and achieve long-term strategic cooperation with our vendors.

Design and Research system


Dayang group has world-class technology Research and Development capability, and a specialized R&D center. We have also employed more than ten well-known experts from around the world including; Italian designers Ivano Cattarin, Masim Monteford, Mauro La Viza, handmade master tailor Dario Vessone, and Japanese designer Yunxue Guchuan.
They have cooperated with our technical team of more than 200 team members so that the design level of Dayang group is always international-leading. At the same time, our Group pays attention to intellectual property protection of technological innovation achievements. At present, we have applied for 51 intellectual property rights including 1 authorized external patent, 14 software copyrights, 2 invention patents and 34 utility patents.

Dayang Group continues to invest funds to enhance the company's production capacity and product quality to meet the trends and characteristics of the apparel industry. The company has invested in world-class production equipment including; intelligent hanging and warehousing systems, sophisticated cutting systems, fabric lay out and automatic sewing machines.
This guarantees first-class equipment for a flexible, intelligent and global MTM business. Our MTM suit system, combined with the existing manufacturing system achieves the integration of industrialization, informatization and intelligent production.

the end of 2016, Dayang Group began to build the "Dayang Group Global Intelligent and Flexible MTM Factory", based on advanced technology such as big data, Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and so on.
From order processing, pattern design and matching, to fabric and trimming preparation, fabric cutting, garment sewing, and finished product warehousing we developed our own personalized MTM suit system. The system introduced advanced intelligent garment production equipment to create an international, first-class flexible MTM factory.
The system provides for flexible organization of MTM and RTW production in a high-efficiency and intelligent way. The result is a highly efficient, high-quality menswear service for different types and markets, both for consumers and retail customers around the world.

QC System


Liaoning Kanon Textile & Garment Testing Co. Ltd. is a TÜV northern China laboratory in the textile and clothing field. It was transformed and upgraded by the Garment Testing Bureau of Dalian Garment Institute. The company has more than 20 years of experience in garment testing, and is a legally registered testing company offering global services.

With first class equipment, advanced technologies and experienced professionals we have built up a thorough quality management laboratory. Kanon has 1700 square meters of modern testing laboratories with functions including; International Standard Atmospheric Condition Laboratory, Washing Laboratory, Chemical Laboratory, Fibre&Fabric Analysis Laboratory, Xenon Light Laboratory, Flammability Laboratory, and an Evaluation room.
At present, there are 125units of testing equipment and 80units of auxiliary equipment. The main testing equipment is imported from abroad, made with excellent quality and offer stable performance. The company conducts regular verification, calibration and maintenance to ensure the accuracy of testing data and that our equipment can meet the requirements of testing standards from home and abroad.

Kanon conducts a complete range of standards testing with more than 500 textile, leather, clothing and trimming testing standards. These standards include GB、GB/T(Chinese National Standards),FZ/T(Chinese Textile and Apparel Industry Standard),AATCC、ASTM、CPSC(American Standard),ISO(International Standard),JIS(Japan Standard), IWS(International Wool Bureau standard),EN(EU Standard),DIN(German Standard),BS(England Standard).
These testing standards cover more than 20 ecological tests and almost the entire range of textile clothing test items. Kanon has been approved by CNAS and also received the CMA from Liao Ning Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Kanon was also accepted by ILAC and has passed authorization from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the areas of Pb content, Phthalate, trimming, and flammability.