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Dayang group has been focusing on suit manufacturing for 36 years and it is the largest suit manufacturer in the world.


Not only does Dayang offer superior quality but also utilizes intelligent production methods. MTM suit production has many technical requirements, with complex workmanship requirements causing lower production efficiency. For most ready to wear suit manufacturers, this creates insurmountable technical obstacles.

Dayang Group has been innovating in the areas of order management, production procedures, sewing processes, intelligent manufacturing and advanced technology. This has enabled the company to break through the bottlenecks of traditional RTW production, creating intelligent MTM production capable of high volume with high quality.

In 2009, Dayang Group first proposed their development strategy "to be the largest MTM Company in the world”. In the following years, Dayang began establishing strategic cooperative partnerships with first-class international clothing enterprises. This was made possible due to the company’s accumulated international market resources over the previous years producing ready to wear garments.

Dayang Group has developed an international, intelligent, personalized, networked MTM business by relying on our own order processing platform. We have achieved this by intelligently reconstructing our factories, improving the technical training of our workers, and integrating improved online and offline services.

Dayang provides high-quality MTM services for many well-known enterprises and brands throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands and several other countries. The company is becoming world-renowned for its sophisticated MTM platform.

Dayang Group offers open sharing of its intellectual property for “win-win” cooperation. The company works together with our international customers to create a new method of development for the men's MTM industry in China, making a brighter future for China's clothing industry.