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Ms Li Guilian

· Founder of Dayang Group; President of Dayang Group
· Served as 7、8、9 NPC deputy
· National Labor Model、Famous entrepreneurs in China
· Awarded special government allowance for experts
· Consultant to the China National Garment Association

In September 1979,Ms. Li Guilian led 85 peasant women starting from scratch to create the clothing factory.

Dayang group was established January 1993 and has grown from an unknown rural sewing workshop to a large international group with more than 10,000 employees.

In March 2007, Dayang Group was invited to become a member of the WEF global growth company.

In 2016, Li Guilian, chairman of the board, showed great foresight and set her sights on the domestic MTM market and the "Dayang MTM" domestic strategy was officially launched in China. We introduced our proven overseas MTM model in China, combined with the characteristics of domestic MTM market to create an "intelligent MTM order processing platform". This provided comprehensive and intelligent solutions for our domestic apparel enterprises, clothing brands and MTM stores. Our products are deeply loved by our customers. After more than 30 years of hard work, Dayang Group is now well known around the world.

Keeping abreast with The Times


When the factory was established in 1984, Li Guilian led a team to conduct a study at a large Japanese clothing enterprise which gave her a new way to think about the business. The working environment, production details and efficiency of the Japanese factories made a profound impression on Ms. Li.
After this trip, Ms. Li was determined to learn the best garment processing methods from international leading enterprises and make great efforts to improve Dayang’s workmanship and management skills, and upgrade the company’s equipment at the same time. In this way Dayang could improve its competitiveness in the industry.
After 39 years Dayang has become the best clothing enterprise in the world. The companies she once followed have now begun to learn from her as they visit Dayang factories from time to time to learn our advantages."It's amazing that Dayang has made such great progress year after year. Around the world, Dayang is now the benchmark for all apparel manufacturers." said Qing Shanli, head of Japan's Aoyama when he visited Dayang in June 2018.

Mr. Warren Buffett


At the time of Dayang Group's 30th anniversary celebration in September 2009, there was a video that attracted worldwide attention. In this video Mr. Warren Buffett highly praised Dayang Group's MTM suits that make him “look handsome for the first time”. And he said half-jokingly that he should open an exclusive shop together with Bill Gates to sell Dayang MTM suits and he would be a good salesman.
Mr. Buffett and Li Guilian met in 2007 when Mr. Buffett came to Dalian to attend the opening ceremony of a new factory. Mr. Buffett and Ms. Li have known each other since then and have become international friends.

Every year since 2009, Mr. Buffett invites Ms. Li as a special representative to attend his annual Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) annual meeting. Mr. Buffett has also introduced a number of famous clients to Dayang, including Mr. Bill Gates.

A Group of people, a life of time, one thing” is the motto of Dayang. Today President Li Guilian is over 70 years old and says“39 years have passed and we have been in the suit-making business our whole lifetime”

Dayang Group could not be possible without President Li Guilian and the 85 skilled women who joined Dayang 39 years ago. And it cannot continue without generation after generation continuing to join the Dayang Group.

In the 1980s, in order to energize the production workers’ enthusiasm, Li Guilian took the lead in carrying out an asset restructuring in Dalian township enterprises, which laid a solid foundation for the upgrading of Dayang’s garment factories and the listing of Dayang Group.

To free employees from worry, Li Guilian thought about the employees' needs and concerns and provided housing for them, built schools for their children and built harmonious living conditions for them. Today, when you walk into the production line of each Dayang factory, you can see the workers working hard, aspiring to achieve the same “Dayang Dream” one day.