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Dayang MTM China Strategy


The "Dayang MTM” China strategy was officially launched in 2016.We introduced our proven international customization model in China by combining the unique characteristics of domestic Chinese MTM with an "intelligent MTM order processing platform” which provided comprehensive and intelligent solutions for our domestic apparel enterprises, clothing brands and MTM stores. Our intelligent solutions can facilitate the rapid development of domestic MTM business in China.

"Dayang MTM" project in China has begun, and provides a perfect cooperation opportunity between Dayang Group, Chinese brands, and custom shops. Using the "open sharing, win-win cooperation" concept, Dayang will offers Chinese enterprises an international-standard MTM order processing platform, making progress with each enterprise, and creating a new future for the men's Chinese MTM market.

Intelligent MTM


Dayang group has a professional intelligent MTM production system. We have introduced advanced production equipment, and setup an MTM management center. The measurement values sent from our retailers are audited and verified. Then the order’s pattern, fabrics and trimmings are matched automatically.
The retailers’ measurement values are converted into accurate production data and transmitted to the factory in real time. The intelligent equipment will automatically generate the order’s pattern, lay out the fabrics and cut the fabrics automatically based on the production data to produce a MTM garment in an intelligent way. The production of each MTM suit is managed independently to ensure the accuracy of each step.

Ingenuity Make


Dayang group has been dedicated to suit making for 39 years, and has perfected every detail of cutting and workmanship. Dayang Group has introduced traditional Italian handmade workmanship into its China facilities. We have inherited the exquisite handmade workmanship into our unique MTM suit making platform. No matter the selection of materials, or the chosen workmanship ordered, we strive for perfection. Without doubt, Dayang has China's top menswear manufacturing skills.

Bespoke Full canvas handmade workmanship

Bespoke, full canvas handmade construction represents the top skill of Italian workmanship. It is through the baptism of a hundred years and is the crystallization of aesthetics, art and wisdom and it is the most inheritance of craftsman spirit."Its own craftsmanship" shows in every needle and sewing line. With the addition of full canvas handmade workmanship, Dayang displays its unrelenting pursuit of perfect garment making.

Each person will have their own pattern, which will fit their body shape perfectly. The Bespoke suit is a thread of emotion and painstaking care of the worker, which endows the suit with life and soul. This is different from the “ready-to-wear” orders made in our standard production lines. The fabric, design options, and design details are selected and made based on your own personality, preferences and lifestyle. This is your own design with your personal participation. It can be said that each one is “worthy of a lifetime”.

Full canvas: Full canvas construction offers a suit with highest quality. The jacket’s shape conforms to its canvas. The jacket feels soft and flexible with a natural comfort. The sleeve lining is completely different from the body lining. The sleeve lining is very smooth making it easy to put the jacket on or take it off. The complex and time-consuming production process represents Dayang 39 years of suit manufacturing experience.

Dayang’s hand-work Master Tailor shows his ingenuity in handling fabric shrinkage, cutting, sewing and ironing of the finished products. He insists on the completion of every production process with perfect workmanship and great care to ensure the best quality. It can be said that every handmade suit is a unique life artwork, which is worthy of being treasured your whole life. With all excess trimmings removed, the suit is lighter and softer. The more you wear it, the more natural it will conform to your body’s shape.

Featured Services


United Kingdom Style:

The waistline of a sophisticated gentleman’s jacket is a charming element of United Kingdom style, and Dayang is good at making UK-style suits. The profile adopts an ‘X’ shape which fits the waist perfectly, and there is little or no canvas at the shoulder. An ultra-thin notch lapel, classic single-breasted button stance, and center back vent combined with Dayang’s exclusive MTM cutting and workmanship all showcase the classic gentleman’s style.

American Style:

Dayang is also good at making American style suits that show a relaxed lifestyle. A classic American style jacket has an ‘H’ profile. The waist is taken in a little bit and it has notch lapel and single breasted button stance which greatly meets the need of consumers who are muscular and desire freedom and comfort at the same time

Italian Style:

The Italian style suit was initially designed for those men with strong arms and its best feature is a wider shoulder and thick back with a ‘T’ profile. Dayang has mastered this look and has learned and applied sewing techniques from many Italian craftsmen with a creative mind. We have been working to make our suits more comfortable when worn for formal occasions.